Schools Closed February 26, 2021
Starting 2/26/2021
Event Groups:
• Tallmadge City School District - District Events
• Tallmadge High School - Tallmadge High School Events
• Tallmadge Middle School - Tallmadge Middle School Events
• Tallmadge Elementary School - Tallmadge Elementary School Events
Tallmadge City Schools will be CLOSED on Friday, February 26th. This includes both in-building and on-line students.

The closure is necessary due to the adminstration of the 2nd dose of the COVID19 vaccine to staff on Wednesday, February 24th. Most recipients do not experience significant side effects from the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. However, it is anticipated that enough staff will require another day of recovery that school operation is not feasible for February 26th. Recipients of the vaccine include teachers, administration, bus drivers, maintenance, cafeteria, aides, coaches, and substitutes
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