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Tallmadge Spring Events - Senior Week
We are disappointed that we cannot send you off in the traditional ways, and we ask that you try to embrace what special senior experiences and events are being provided for you.  There is a lot of love and support surrounding you from staff, community members, parents, and peers.  Our wish is for you to feel this love through these experiences.

The intent of this webpage is to provide the timeline and more details for the events.  Please know that more information will be coming in the next couple of weeks.  Continue to check your email for updates, and please share this information with your parents.


May 14 and 15: SENIOR PICK UP @ Tallmadge High School from 12-5pm
*Seniors are asked to drive up to the front entrance of the high school to pick up their cap & gown, senior sign, ticket to the senior video viewing, cords for graduation, and other special senior surprises.  Staff members will be out front to help distribute the materials to the seniors.  Please stay in your car.

May 18, 20, & 21: GRADUATION WALK @ Tallmadge High School Stadium from 3-7pm
*Seniors are invited to walk across the field at Tallmadge High School Stadium as your “individual” graduation ceremony.  Seniors will walk across the field with up to 4 immediate family members there to take pictures and cheer them on. Specific spots will be designated on the field for picking up the diploma jacket (diplomas will be mailed at a later time) and graduation flower, another in front of the American flag, and a third for a family photo.  A professional photographer will be capturing these moments.  The graduate’s name will be read over the loudspeaker.  This will be recorded by a professional videographer who is compiling the footage into our graduation ceremony video that will be shown at our Graduation Watch Party in June.
*Seniors with last names A-G will be assigned a time on Monday, May 18
*Seniors with last names H-O will be assigned a time on Wednesday, May 20
*Seniors with last names P-Z will be assigned a time on Thursday, May 21
*Please complete this Google Form survey by this Monday, May 4 to request a time slot for you and your family on your assigned day:
*A finalized schedule for walking will be communicated next week.
*We ask that you follow social distancing guidelines at this event.  After parking in the teacher lot, please walk to the line to enter the stadium.  Staff members will be there to direct you and your family.  Please do not congregate in the parking lot and do not encroach on the other graduates and families in line.  We are only able to provide this experience if seniors and their families are willing to follow the expectations put forth by Governor DeWine for the state of Ohio during this time. Upon exiting the stadium, please go directly to your car and do not congregate around the stadium or in the parking lot.

May 21: SENIOR VIDEO at Midway Drive-in in Ravenna @ 9pm (show starts at 9:20pm)
*Seniors are invited to attend the showing of the Senior Video at Midway Drive-in at 2736 OH-59 in Ravenna, OH 44266.
*Gates will open at 9pm to Tallmadge students and their families ONLY.  
*A ticket to the Drive-in event will be given as part of the Senior Pick Up on May 14 & 15.  You must have your ticket to enter the facility.  
*Again, seniors should be following social distancing rules for this event.  They must remain in their cars at all times.  The drive-in is requiring there to be a parking space between each vehicle. There will not be concessions available.
*The video showing will begin promptly at 9:20pm.  The video will be approximately 30-45 minutes.
*Senior video submissions should be to Olivia Swain by Friday, May 8.  You may email her pictures from your K-12 experiences to [email protected]

May 22: SENIOR PROMENADE in front of Tallmadge High School Stadium from 5:30-8pm
*Seniors are invited to drive up to this Senior Promenade where there will be photo op displays provided by the junior class executive board.  
*Each senior must come to the event in their own car.  Following social distancing guidelines, we cannot allow couples or groups to come to the promenade together for pictures.  Families will be able to take pictures of their senior.  We are also looking into having a professional photographer there to capture the pictures.  
*We plan to have music playing, each senior’s name will be announced, and we hope to record the event or live stream the event for others to view.
*You do NOT have to dress up for this promenade.  Yes, this is an opportunity to get dressed up and wear your prom attire, but it is not required.  Come in your own style and take pictures.

May 27: GRADUATION PARADE @ 6pm and Stadium Lighting @ 8:20pm
*Seniors are invited to be a part of this Graduation Parade that will begin at the Tallmadge High School student lot, make its way through the city, and arrive back at Tallmadge High School.
*Please plan on arriving at THS between 5:45pm and 6pm to line up for the parade.  We will leave promptly at 6pm.
*Each senior must be in their own car and must be driven by a family member.  Other family members are allowed to be in the car with their senior.  Everyone must remain in their cars for the line-up, parade, and after the parade.  Please do not congregate.
*Decorate your car.  Suggestions include a poster with your name and what you are doing next year (which college, work, etc), streamers, balloons, and lights to adorn your car.  None of this is required, but have fun in presenting yourself to the community.
*The parade route has not been finalized yet, but we do know that the parade will pass Dunbar, Munroe, Tallmadge Middle School, Tallmadge High School and the Circle.  Teachers from these schools have been invited to wave and cheer the seniors.
*Similarly, we have invited community members to cheer our seniors, wear blue and gold, decorate their yards, and celebrate the Class of 2020.  Once a parade route is finalized, we will communicate the plan to you and community members.
*At 8:20pm that evening, the stadium lights will be lit in recognition of the Class of 2020 and will remain on for 20 minutes.  We invite you to drive-by during this time.

May 29: Virtual SENIOR BREAKFAST @ 9am
*Seniors and their families are invited to “attend” Senior Breakfast by joining us as we present the Charlie Awards, Senior Recognitions, Senior Awards, and private scholarships.
*Presenters will be recognizing seniors through this LIVE event.  Seniors and their families will be able to watch through our live YouTube feed.  The link to the event will be sent prior to May 29.
*Awards and plaques will be given to the recipients at a later date.
*The Senior Slideshow will be shown during this breakfast as well.  Please email your senior photo, a baby picture, and information about what you are doing next year by Friday, May 15 to Suhaib Mahameed at [email protected]

June: Graduation Watch Party--date, time, and location TBD
*Seniors and their families will be invited to attend a Graduation Watch Party where we will broadcast the Graduation Ceremony video that will be compiled from the footage recorded on May 18, 20, and 21.

We are also pleased to announce that the district has decided to reimburse Senior Dues for the Class of 2020.  If you have already paid your Senior Dues of $60, you will receive a reimbursement.  If you have not paid yet, this fee has been waived.

We hope that you plan to be a part of these events.  Thank you to our senior class officers Olivia Swain, Suhaib Mahameed, Joe Bowman, Drew Cross, Brooke Frazier, Billy Cummins, and Rory Murphy for their time and efforts in organizing these events.  We look forward to celebrating our Class of 2020 in the ways that we can.