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 Jeff Ferguson

Jeffrey Ferguson is beginning his 11th year as Superintendent of Tallmadge City Schools.  Jeff just completed his 29th  year in education, with 20 of those years in administration.  Prior to becoming Superintendent, he was the Principal of Tallmadge High School.  He also spent 7 years in the classroom teaching English.  Jeff is a graduate of the University of Akron where he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.


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Welcome to the 2015-2016 Year for Tallmadge City Schools

We have been busy getting the buildings and grounds ready to open and they look great.  There will be some exciting changes in the District you may notice along with the thirteen new staff members.  The Board of Education adopted a new fee structure that should result in savings to all families.  We have increased our technology in all buildings through teacher grants and local tax dollars.  We have improved our online capabilities for the completion of the required documents such as the Emergency Medical Form.  Hopefully you will notice our technology enhancements designed to improve communication and productivity. 

There have been a number of exciting additions to our world-class curriculum.  A new partnership with the Akron Symphony Orchestra, along with an instrument exploration class is a new opportunity for Munroe fifth grade students.  Tallmadge Middle School continues to lead the county in STEM programming and this year we have added computer coding to that exploratory offering.  These are just a few of the new opportunities our students will enjoy this year.

 And while there is much to applaud and we are a great school district, we must always strive to be even better.  An ongoing priority for us is to raise the academic bar while maintaining strong fiscal management.  These two - fiscal responsibility and excellent academics - must go hand in hand.

This year, we will continue our work with the Facilities Task Force.  The goal is to come up with a plan that will provide modern classrooms for all of our students at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.  The Board of Education and school district are considering a bond issue in November of 2016 and are still actively seeking your feedback as we continue to shape the plan.  We will be posting the dates and times we will be meeting this fall to discuss the plan soon and we encourage you to be a part of the ongoing process.


In addition, this fall will be very important for the future of our school district.  Tallmadge City Schools will be seeking two zero tax renewal levies on November 3.  Since both levies are renewals, they are not an increase in taxes.  Funds from the renewals will go towards the daily operations of our schools and capital improvements, purchases of capital equipment, such as buses and technology, and building maintenance.


Both renewals will maintain the great work happening in our schools.  Please mark your calendar and vote November 3.


Thank you for your continued support of our students and schools.  Here is to another great school year!

Last Modified on July 8, 2016