Tallmadge High School

The Devils' Tale


The Devils’ Tale is a student-produced newspaper published every four weeks by Tallmadge High School journalism students. The Devils’ Tale is an open forum for student expression and discussion of issues of concern to its audience. The editorial board will determine the content of the newpaper; therefore, material may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of THS faculty, administrators or the Board of Education. The staff will publish only legally protected speech, following the legal definitions for libel, obscenity and invasion of privacy.

The Letter-to-the-editor policy states that all letters must be signed and submitted to the adviser prior to publication of the next issue. The views expressed by the author of the letter do not necessarily reflect the views of the newspaper staff, faculty, or administrators. Letters may be edited to meet libel standards. Due to limitations, all letters may not print. Letters being submitted must be less than 300 words.
Students in Journalism I, Journalism II, and Newswriting produce each issue of the newspaper. AA Blueprint publishes each issue. The newspaper is financed through patron and ad sales. To patronize or advertise, please contact the newspaper staff at 330-633-5505 x 1619.
Julie Headrick has advised the publication for the past fifteen years. She is a member of the Journalism Education Association.
Last Modified on December 15, 2015