Tallmadge High School

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Tallmadge High School.  We are very proud of the academic and athletic excellence of our high school.  Tallmadge High School is ranked in the top 65 schools in the State of Ohio and we are one of the top 1400 schools in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report.  Tallmadge High School is a comprehensive high school, grades 9-12, with an enrollment of 900 students.  Tallmadge High School offers a wide variety of curricular courses and elective courses, along with Advanced Placement courses, Dual enrollment options and career pathway choices. Tallmadge High school also offers a wide variety of athletic programs, clubs, marching and concert band and various leadership organizations. 
 The Mission of Tallmadge High School is to create the conditions for student success.  We provide the highest quality educational opportunities and our staff creates and promotes an atmosphere that allows all students to achieve  and perform at their highest level. Our students are afforded the best technology and curricular resources to help them achieve their goals.  Finally, at THS we promote open communication and positive relationships with students, staff, administration and the Tallmadge community. I am looking forward to another excellent year and I will see everyone soon.
Michael Householder
Last Modified on June 9, 2016