Tallmadge City Schools

Welcome from the Director of Student Services:

I would like to welcome your children back to an exciting new school year.   Tallmadge City Schools would also like to welcome those families and children that are new to our district.    

You may see some new faces and teachers who are working with your child. We would like to Welcome the following Tutors,  intervention specialists and related service providers to our Tallmadge Special Education Program.

Mrs. Tami Graham, LEP Tutor

Mrs. Kelsey Feyes, Intervention Specialist

Ms. Linda Long, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Debbie DiRoll, Speech Language Pathologist for TMS and THS

Mrs. Susan Werner, Certified Occupational Therapist

Ms. Mandy Seymore, School Psychologist

Mrs.Christina Dilullo, Teacher of Visually Impaired

Mr. Keith Lemison, Orientation and Mobility Specialist


This school year brings about many changes.  As of July 1, 2014 the revised Ohio Department of Education Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities went into effect.   The Tallmadge City schools have been diligent in our planning to ensure that we are fulfilling the changes mandated and are prepared  to implement future requirements as they arise.  The laws of special education state that “children with disabilities are to be educated in a general education setting to the maximum extent possible.”  

Ensuring that our children with identified disabilities have services designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for further education,employment and independent living,  we have developed multiple student support teams at all grade levels.  These teams include one or more intervention specialists,  general education teachers, related services providers and if student needs indicate,  we have assigned para professionals.   We have made concerted efforts to assign children to teams best suited to meet their needs. With more services offered in the general education environment, please know the services outlined in your child’s IEP are not changing.    The teachers, tutors and intervention specialists are getting to know your child this first week of school and will continue to monitor to make sure all supports are in place and will communicate with you regarding any needs that arise      

Please as always do not hesitate to contact me kanotz.karen@tallmadgeschools.org  with any concerns, suggestions or just to say Hi. 



Mrs. Karen Kanotz

 Director of Student Services

Last Modified on August 21, 2014