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Welcome to Munroe School's Website
At Munroe we believe in a partnership with parents, family and community to best serve our students so that they may become both successful students and citizens.
We encourage parent and family involvement both at school and at home.  Tools such as the website, agenda and communication through phone calls and emails will allow us to continue to grow the partnership in our childrens' education.  We also encourage parents and family members to visit and volunteer at Munroe. 
At Munroe we pride ourselves on providing a safe, fun and comfortable learning environment for all students. We also pride ourselves in setting high expectations and believe that all students can learn. Please contact us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns.
We look forward to seeing you at Munroe!!
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Welcome to the PTA


When PTA gets involved,children benefit.

When YOU get involved withPTA,

the child who benefits most is your own!


Membership meetings are scheduled monthly at eachschool. It is worth attending these to get important information on the latestevents at your child’s school.


Can’t attend a meeting?


Email your PTA below and connect electronically forup-to-date issues/information and voting information and voting information.You can also send comments/suggestions/questions to be considered at themeetings.


It’s that easy! Become amember TODAY!


Become a part of this great community!


Supporting your School.

A powerful voice for allchildren,

A relevant resource forfamilies and communities, and

A strong advocate for theeducation and well-being of every child.


Contact your PTA!


Dunbar Elementary PTA (Grades K – 2)


Munroe Elementary PTA (Grades 3 – 5)


Tallmadge Middle School PTA (Grades 6 –8)


Tallmadge High School PTSA (Grades 9 –12)



Our Tallmadge Council of PTAs



Munroe Elementary
230 North Munroe Road
Tallmadge, OH 44278

Phone: #330# 633-5427

FAX: #330# 630-5983